SW FAC-D develops SW instructors; equipping them with necessary skills to train combat minded warriors, knowledge of learning theories, and psychological approaches for improving individual candidate motivation and performance. They must be skilled in developing students in realistic training environments, and therefore must have keener situational awareness. They must use that situational awareness, paired with good judgment, to make appropriate instructional decisions within the curricular framework.

Available Courses

SW Instructor Qualification Course (SW IQC)

This course prepares novice SW Instructors selected to serve in a SW training capacity (AETC, ACC or AFSOC) and will equip them with specific SW common knowledge (special tactics, TACP, and guardian angel operator fundamentals) to improve candidate/student/operator performance. Instructors will learn demonstration-performance and academic delivery methods to certify competency IAW the SW-IQC Course Training Standard. 

Location / Dates
JBSA-Lackland, TX   Name
12 Oct - 4 Nov   IQC 22-001
11 Jan - 11 Feb   IQC 22-002
5 Apr - 5 May   IQC 22-003
12 Jul - 11 Aug   IQC 22-004
22 Aug - 21 Sep   IQC 22-005


SW Instructor Supervisor Course (SW ISC)

*SW Instructor Supervisor candidates, requirement

This course of instruction provides experienced and competent instructors with the knowledge and skills to manage the instructor force, proper course implementation, as well as specific risk mitigation techniques IAW SW-ISC Course Training Standard.

Location / Dates
JBSA-Lackland, TX     Name
16 May - 20 May     ISC 22-003
13 Jun - 17 Jun     ISC 22-004
19 Sep - 23 Sep     ISC 22-005


SW Experienced Instructor Seminar (SW EIS)

*All SW Instructors, annual requirement

This seminar is designed to continually build on SW Instructor Competencies while to also unify SW Instructors enterprise wide.‚Äč

Locations / Dates
JBSA-Lackland, TX   Name Kirtland AFB, NM   Name Pope Army Airfield, NC   Name 350th Det 1 Panama Beach, FL   Name
24 May - 26 May   EIS 22-009 27 Jun - 29 Jun   EIS 22-008 12 Jul - 14 Jul   EIS 22-012 9 May - 11 May   EIS 22-005
7 Jun - 9 Jun   EIS 22-006 23 Aug - 25 Aug   EIS 22-007    
9 Aug - 11 Aug   EIS 22-010  
16 Aug - 18 Aug   EIS 22-011



SW Master Instructor Course (SW MIC)

*Note: Currently in development.

The MIC will provide continual education/training for experienced instructors, with a unique and structured opportunity to leave a lasting legacy level impact. The capstone project combines elements of Project Management with a deeper dive into various levels of applicable instructional delivery methods.


For course registration, please contact your Unit Training Manager or Instructor Supervisor. For any additional questions or assistance, FacD can be reached via the org box.

Contact Us

SWTW FACD org box - SWTSS.TMDP.FacultyDevelopment@us.af.mil



Last Updated: 15 June 2022