The mission of Special Warfare Training Wing's Faculty Development is to develop instructors, human performance specialists and mission support staff by design. 

We aim to become the premier example of professional training, development and mentorship within Special Warfare.

The complex, high-risk mission requirements to develop a SW operator necessitates a uniquely trained instructor.  SW instructor training requires an operator-specific approach to transition tactical leaders into instructors that inspire, influence and develop the next generation of warriors’ lethality and efficiency.  SW instructors will teach in training environments that present ambiguity, hazard, and unpredictability.  They must be skilled in developing students in realistic training environments, and therefore must have keener situational awareness.  They must use that situational awareness, paired with good judgment, to make appropriate instructional decisions within the curricular framework.  SW instructors must be given the necessary skills to train combat-minded warriors while appropriately understanding various learning theories and psychological approaches for improving individual candidate motivation and performance.