Tactical Air Patrol Party

Overview & Capabilities

Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) members specialize in synchronizing air assets into the ground battlespace and work closely with the Army, Navy, Marines and Coalition partners to manage large areas of operations.  TACP’s primary tactical role is to maintain qualification as Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTACs) which is a special skill that all TACPs possess. JTACs maximize the lethal and non-lethal effects of airpower and minimizes risk to friendly forces and non-combatants. 

TACPs exercise this skillset at the highest level of proficiency, working seamlessly as joint fires and effects integrators at the tactical and operational level. TACPs are assigned to Air Force units in the United States, the Pacific region and Europe. About 10 percent of TACPs belong to Air Force Special Operations Command. In the future, TACPs will exercise innovation and leverage technology to be the next-gen fires coordinator in the future battlespace.  

Special Tactics TACP motto: "100%, and then some"

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  • Air Force Basic Training – 8 Weeks- Lackland AFB, Texas
  • Special Warfare Prep Course – 8 Weeks – Lackland AFB, Texas
  • TACP Prep Course – 1 Week – Lackland AFB, Texas
  • TACP Apprentice Course – 106 Days – Lackland AFB, Texas
  • U.S. Air Force Basic Survival School – 3 Weeks – Fairchild AFB, Washington
  • Basic Airborne Course - 3 weeks - Ft. Benning, Georgia
  • Joint Terminal Attack Controller Qualification Course - 4 weeks - Nellis AFB, Nevada


  • Military Freefall Parachutist Course - 5 weeks - Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona
  • Staticline Jumpmaster School - 3 weeks - Ft. Benning, Georgia
  • Military Freefall Jumpmaster School - 3 weeks - Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona
  • U.S. Army Pathfinder School - 3 weeks - Ft. Benning, Georgia
  • U.S. Army Air Assault School - 2 weeks - Various Locations
  • U.S. Army Sniper School - 5 weeks - Ft. Benning, Georgia
  • U.S. Army Ranger School - 61 Days, Ft. Benning, Georgia
  • Combat Diver Qualification Course - 7 weeks - Key West, Florida